The statutory activities of the Communi Hereditate Foundation are aimed at supporting the Polish culture and influencing its positive public perception. We are currently focusing our activities on the three main areas:

  • study of the provenance of museums’ exhibits
  • issue of the 2nd World War’ stolen and/or lost works of art
  • popularization of Polish cultural heritage in Poland and abroad

Within these areas, we use advanced IT solutions that enable an effective monitoring of the art market. Our key project to date has been the ArtSherlock mobile application, which is based on a system of the automatic image recognition in real time, with the help of pictures taken with a mobile phone with Internet connection. This is the first solution of this kind that will completely revolutionise and simplify the identification of the lost during the war works of art. This project has been completed jointly with the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Kronenberg Foundation of CITI Handlowy Bank.

Our Mission
Our mission is to document and to protect the Polish cultural heritage and historical tradition, both at home and abroad.

Our Goals
Our main goal is to deepen the common knowledge about the Polish culture, national heritage and history and to popularize it among the society.

Our Partners
We work together with governmental institutions, non-governmental organizations in Poland and abroad as well as with the private enterprises and individuals.

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